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Guide to Tiny War for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Tiny War is a new war game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. You play as a toy general with a bunch of toy soldiers and toy commanders, but the play is just as real as any hardcore gamer’s iOS war game out there. Your goal is to build your base up, grow it in size and then use it to train soldiers and vehicles in order to attack both computer controlled troops and other players’ troops. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tiny War!

When you are battling against opposing enemies, remember that there is a rock paper scissors sort of aspect to which troops you send out in the battles. You have mobile troops, ballistics troops and armor troops. Mobile troops beat ballistics, ballistic troops beat armor troops, and the armor troops beat the mobile troops. Before you send your troops out, tap each enemy to see what type of troop that they are before you choose your sets of troops to send out.

Even though you can have multiple commanders, only concentrate on leveling one of them up until you upgrade your headquarters to level 5. When you do that, you will be able to engage in PvP battles, and then later on you can upgrade enough to become powerful enough to take out the computer controlled enemy troops outside of your base, but until then you will only need one commander. After you do those upgrades, send the powerful commander out with the troops, and then engage in easy battles using your other commanders so that you can level them up.

If you run out of idle soldiers because you put them all in your resource buildings, but you need to train more troops, reduce the number of soldiers equally in each one of them. If you do this, you will barely notice a difference in how much stone, metal, food and crystal you get, but you’ll have plenty more soldiers that you can train inside of the war factory. You need one idle soldier for every troop you train, and every troop that is wounded and doesn’t recover turns back into being an idle soldier.