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EverWing – Top 17 Tips, Cheats, Tricks, Glitches, and Strategies

EverWing is the first original smash hit game for the Facebook Messenger platform, meaning that it’s playable on iOS, Android, any other mobile platform with Messenger, or any touch-screen computer. Your goal is to blow away enemies and bosses using your fairies and dragons/sidekicks firepower, but most importantly, you can fight raid boss battles with the help of your friends on Messenger. You can collect trophies and coins, and collect and evolve rare and legendary dragons. Read on for the 17 top tips and tricks for EverWing!

17) Even though the rare and legendary dragons have their own special powers, common dragons have the most brute strength of any of the sidekicks. Put them to use against raid bosses especially, as they are the ones that will often contribute the most damaged, especially when leveled up or evolved.

16) When you want to go on a common dragon evolution spree, take your coins and buy a whole bunch of common eggs. You are bound to get a number of duplicates, and duplicates are required in order to evolve your dragons. You’ll need two identical dragons and you’ll need both of them to be level 10 for the first evolution. For the second evolution, they will both have to be level 20.

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15) Unlock more fairies as soon as you can afford to do so. As you level up you will be able to unlock more fairies and also unlock more quests, and with more fairies, you can send more of them, and more dragons, on quests at the same time. Quests lead to lots of dragon experience, as well as lots of extra coins.

14) Find a group of friends to do the raid boss battles with as soon as possible. You can raid with any group text that you have on Facebook Messenger, even if it includes most of the same friends, so you can battle with tons of raid bosses. Just close out of the game when you’re done with one boss, then go to the other conversation and open up EverWing from there and you’ll be able to do more raid battles.

13) Sometimes, after a raid boss battle, you will be able to collect the rewards over and over again, but the glitch happens inconsistently. The way it works is that after you collect your last chest, you have to close entirely out of FB Messenger. Then open it back up and go to the same group text. If the glitch is in effect, then you will be able to re-collect your chests for different rewards.

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