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EverWing – Top 17 Tips, Cheats, Tricks, Glitches, and Strategies, Page 2

12) When you’re fighting against a raid boss, your main focus should be on avoiding EVERYTHING. That means watching out for the attacks that the bosses unleash, because they will throw down different attacks than what you might see in the standard single player mode. Play defensively in order to keep a good offense going, as you’ll score plenty of hits against the boss even when you are simply trying to avoid attacks.

11) When playing through the endless mode, collect the shamrocks as soon as you see them. Mushrooms are great but will only last for a small period of time. Shamrocks will level up your fairies’ attacks for the entire rest of the stage, and with enough of them, your base attack can raise enough to make it a lot farther than you otherwise would be able to in the single player modes.

10) Different fairies have different optimal uses. Sophia, for example, should exclusively be used for quest duty because she completes them 2x faster. Lenore has two lives per go, so she should be exclusively used in active battles. Ditto for Arcana who can clone sidekicks. Sophia and Lily earn 2x sidekick experience and 2x coins, respectively, so they can effectively be used for either one.

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9) Head to the options menu and increase the sensitivity of your controls. You won’t have to move your finger as far in order to move your characters, allowing you to see them better. You will also be able to swipe back and forth rapidly in order to collect all of the items that are dropped by enemies and bosses whenever you defeat them.

8) Once you have a high amount of fairy attack power, you’ll be able to defeat the armored goblins, which are the seemingly indestructible ones that fly back and forth. They only give you 1 experience, as do all of the goblins, but they typically will give you plenty of crystals, which are worth many coins (10 for purple, 20 for red, 40 for blue) and even trophies.

7) To complete a series of missions, you’re usually going to need to challenge friends in the game. If you don’t want to bug your friends with this game, then go find FB accounts to challenge that are either inactive or that you know don’t use Messenger. You can complete these rungs of the challenges whether or not these friends of yours respond back – which they won’t if their FB accounts are abandoned.

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