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EverWing – Top 17 Tips, Cheats, Tricks, Glitches, and Strategies, Page 3

6) If you are playing on an older device with some lag, you can go to the options menu and set the graphics from hi-res to low-res. If you do this, then the graphics will be a little bit more blurry but the slowdown should stop. Unfortunately, this makes items a bit hard to make out, unless you are on a 4-inch iPhone, so set the graphics to high-res if you want the items to be easier to spot.

5) Collect the lightning and the flowers when you’re in the endless mode. The lightning will give you extra lives against the raid boss if you have some that has yet to restore. If you collect the flower, you’ll surge forward and bash straight through the next five or so lines of enemies. Flowers give you the opportunity to pad your score before facing any of the bosses.

4) As the raid bosses gain levels, they will get stronger and stronger. Eventually they will get too strong for you to beat at your currently level. When this happens and you don’t kill the raid boss within the time limit, the level will go back down to 1, allowing you and your friends to attack again and gain some easy rewards and levels.

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3) Maximize your legendary dragons by selling any dragon that you raise at level 29 instead of level 30. Level 29 will result in more than 280,000 coins per dragon sold, whereas level 30 will result in around 3,000 trophies. As a gold egg has a 12 percent chance of hitting a legendary, you’ll mathematically have a higher chance to score legendaries – and you’ll earn a ton of rares in the process.

2) You’re not going to know which rare and legendary dragon powers are the most advantageous until you try them out. Experiment with them in the endless rounds so that you can see what they do without having to worry about wasting one of your raid boss turns. Then decide which ones have powers that you like the most, and that you want to continue using, and use more endless rounds and quests to maximize their levels.

1) The zodiac signs can be a bit confusing at first, but the meanings are fairly simple when it comes to evolution. Evolve two dragons together with the same zodiac for a boost in firepower. Get four identical dragons together, each with the same zodiac sign, and you’ll be able to maximize the power by the time the final evolution comes around.

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