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EverWing – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 1

EverWing is a wildly popular new bullet-hell shooter for Facebook Messenger, which means that it can be played on any platform that can run FBM. Your goal is to collect fairies, dragons, coins and trophies, while going on raids with your friends and other Messenger groups in order to kill raid bosses and try to win the legendary dragons (and rare and epic ones). Read on for some tips and tricks for EverWing!

If you want to get legendary dragons the quickest, believe it or not, the best way isn’t buying legendary eggs with your trophies. The best way just by sheer numbers is to buy gold eggs with coins. Because of this, it’s best to level your dragons up to 29 instead of 30 as 29 will give you coins when you sell them, but 30 will give you trophies.

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To maximize your raid boss rewards, find raid groups for EverWing and join them. You’ll be able to find them in places such as the EverWing Facebook page. Join as many of them as you can handle, and participate in every raid that you can, even if you do just enough damage for small rewards in each raid. The raids will add up and small rewards can turn into huge rewards with quantity on your side.

Pick a different fairy depending on what your goal is for the current set of rounds. Lily is your best bet if you want to get a ton of coins, as she has a 2x multiplier. Use Lenore if you want to get a high score, because she has 2x lives. Aurora’s super magnet makes her a great all-around character.

You can turn the music and sound effects off in order to be able to listen to music on your phone at the same time as you’re playing, but it can cause performance issues. To remedy these, go to the options menu and set the graphics to lo-res. They will be a little bit blurrier, but the game will stop slowing down.

You can spend coins on upgrading your dragons or your fairies early, but your dragons and fairies are also upgraded simply by killing opponents. Instead, save your coins for unlocking new fairies and dragons unless you have an over abundance of them, and even then, spend them on gold eggs instead.

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Top 17 Tips and Cheats for EverWing