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Weapon Cloner: Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Weapon Cloner is a new game by Rollic where you hurl weapons such as spears, swords, and other weapon at villains, and when swipe to clone the weapons to do even more damage. Your goal is to knock out each villain, earn money, and then upgrade your weapons so that you can take on even more powerful villains.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Weapon Cloner!

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To clone the weapon after you throw it, swipe to the left, then use sideways swipes to control how separated the weapons will be. You’ll see little green targets on the enemy, which represent where the weapon is aimed. For one villain, you want to make the angle narrow, but for multiple villains, make the angle wide so that you can hit every enemy at once.

It is possible to lose in this game, because enemies will start charging after you if you take too long without throwing. If an enemy gets to you before you knock out all of their HP, then you will get knocked out, and have to play the level again after watching an ad.

You have two different upgrades that you can do with the money that you earn. Upgrade your weapon, and you increase the actual number of weapons that appear when you throw it and clone it. If you upgrade your damage, then you will increase the amount of hit points that each weapon takes away from the enemy.

Another upgrade that pops up occasionally is the ability to unlock new weapons or skins, but you have to watch a video ad in order to do this. Take the video ad offer, and then when you finish watching it, the weapon or the skin will appear in your list. Weapons actually have a practical use, but the skins are merely a cosmetic change.

You can also use video ads to increase the amount of money that you earn after each level. Simply tap the video button, wait for the ad to finish, and you’ll get that extra money. You can also use video ads to occasionally get a free upgrade to your weapons or to your damage dealt when they’re offered.

So which weapon should you pick against each enemy? Usually, they do about the same amount of damage, but some of the ones that you unlock later on in the game have different traits than the spear and sword that you start out with. The poison bomb, for example, spreads out and makes it easier to knock off multiple enemies at once.

To figure out which weapon is stronger against a particular enemy, you can throw one weapon, let the enemy attack you so that you lose the level, then try it again with a different weapon to see what the difference in damage is. Make note of any patterns that you notice, so that you know which weapons you should pick from there on out.

Once you start getting into some of the later levels, obstacles will pop up in front of the enemy, making it harder for you to aim, but also often providing some kind of boost if you hit them right. The flaming rings, for example, can knock out some of your weapons if you swipe wrong and hit the rings themselves. If you send them through the fire, though, they’ll light on fire, and when they hit the enemy, they will do far more damage.


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