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Anibabe: List of Gift Codes and How To Find More

Anibabe is a new moe bishoujo game for the iOS and Android platforms featuring a variety of anime waifu-type girls and a variety of stories. You can pick your girl, and then pick the story that you want to see her in, and then play through the story.

You normally have to buy currency in order to play new episodes of the story, but you can use gift codes in order to read more in the same day (at least if you use an Android device, you can). These codes have been released by developers to reward loyal players for interacting with the game on social media or to promote the game to new players.

Read on for a list of gift codes and how to find more of them in Anibabe!

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So how do you find new codes? One top source is on Facebook, or other social media. Facebook is the most likely place to find codes first, but other social media channels for the game, especially the official ones, are also likely to have codes.

Check all of the social media channels that you find, not just one of them. Often developers give out codes as a reward for reaching a certain subscriber mile stone, and obviously, those milestones are different on Facebook then they will be on Twitter or Instagram, etc. So check all available sources, not just one.

Another very likely place where the developers will release codes is directly to Youtubers and Twitch streamers. Look for videos and streams were codes are advertised in the title, or for streamers who have high subscriber accounts and thus are likely to give out codes. Developers give them codes directly so that they can use their built-in audiences to promote the game.

Another great pair of sources is on the Subreddit for the game, or on Facebook groups. These are excellent places to look because players love to post codes that they find, and other players left to ask if anybody has found any codes. If you have codes of your own that you can’t find posted in these two locations, then be sure to add them.

Go to the App Store or the Google Play Store and check the review pages to see if anybody put redeem codes in a review. These are especially likely sources for smaller games that might have a smaller social media or YouTube presence. As always, if you have a code and you don’t see it here, then be sure to post a review containing the code.

If you find a Discord chat room invite link for a channel about the game, then join it and use the search bar at the top of the screen to search for “redeem codes“ or just “codes”. You’re fairly likely to find messages left by other players in the chat that have codes contain within them. If not, then be sure to add your own codes.

Right now, no codes have been released yet for this game, because it is brand new and not very well-known yet. Expect the developers to start adding codes soon. The second they do add codes, or provide codes to streamers, we will get them posted up here!


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