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Batman: Arkham Origins (iOS/Android) Part 2 of the FAQ, Wiki, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 2 of the Batman: Arkham Origins beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

The four special moves that you can unlock for the assault stance are the Escalating Justice, Batswarm, Martial Law and the Shock Gauntlet. Escalating Justice gives you an attack power boost every time that you use it. Batswarm unleashes a swarm of bats that does damage, plus it stops the rival from attacking or defending for a few seconds and it can’t be blocked.

Martial Law does three devastating hits of damage – you tap the button as it fills with blue, and depending on how full the circle is, you’ll get a higher damage bonus. The Shock Gauntlet is a series of rapid punches that you have to tap the screen (inside the white circles) to pull off rapidly.

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The first special skill in the guarded stance is, of course, the health boost. Next is the Steadfast Strike, which increases your defense. To do bonus damage you have to tap the circle as quickly as possible over and over. Third is the Batarang, where you have to stop the cursor as close to the center as possible for maximum. Finally, the Dark Knight attack requires you to swipe back and forth as quickly as possible, and when you use it, the health boost move’s entire cooldown is cancelled (unless the attack is blocked).

Your two main currencies are upgrade points, which are the primary currency of the game, and Waynetech points, which are the rare, premium currency. You can buy all sorts of upgrades using both of these. The main upgrades are the batsuits. The game sports four different tiers of batsuits for the four areas of the city that you fight in. Each time that you beat the boss of an area, you’ll unlock the next tier of batsuits.

Additionally, there are the skills upgrades, the assault stance upgrades, and the guarded stance upgrades. Skills upgrades will always be in effect, and will compound on top of your statistics that you’ve racked up from your batsuits and from gaining experience levels. The two stance tabs contain upgrades for your special moves, as well as for stance-specific statistics.

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