Batman: Arkham Origins (iOS/Android): How to beat every assassin

Batman: Arkham Asylum is absolutely LOADED with supervillains, or “assassins” as they are called in the game. There’s Deathstroke, Electrocutioner, Bane, Deadshot, and the newly female version of Copperhead, among others. These are usually the toughest of the enemies to beat, but they are the ones that give you the most rewards, and fighting assassins is the only way to earn free Waynetech points. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to beat all of the assassins in Batman: Arkham Origins (the mobile version)!

First of all, the basics to beating ANY boss will be to upgrade and become more powerful. You are going to need to buy new batsuits in order to get more powerful, which will cost a fairly hefty amount of upgrade points (or Waynetech points, depending on how much money you want to spend). Plus, upgrade your skills, your assault and guarded stances, and all of your special attacks, because your special attacks are absolutely CRUCIAL to winning these battles.

By the time you get to the boss battles you should be plenty good at offense, but your defense is what you need to emphasize. Switch to the guarded stance right off the bat. Wait for an attack or a batch of attacks, then block it, then switch back to the assault stance and hit them with a combo. Or, just stand there in the guarded stance while the villain stands there, wait for the next attack and let the special attacks build up.

Unleash every special attack that you can. Try to use the batswarm first to drop the enemy’s defenses, then hit them with the more powerful stuff such as Martial Law. Make heavy use of the stat boosting special moves such as the Escalating Justice and the Steadfast Strike. After your attack is done, go back to blocking mode so that you take very little damage from the attacks.

Certain bosses will have specific special moves that you can defend using different techniques. For Copperhead, tap away the venom, then swipe to the indicated side with two alternating fingers in order to rapidly block her coil attack. For Deadshot, simply tap all of the bullets that pop up. Electrocutioner uses electric attacks at a rapid pace that can do all kinds of damage. Block Deathstroke’s slashes by tapping at the dots that pop up. As for Bane? Forget it – just pray that he doesn’t kill you within five seconds. Block, heal, and attack, and get better batsuits because Bane is insanely strong.

The assassins pop up at random times throughout the game, and every time that you fight them they will be at a different difficulty level (with the possible exception of Bane, who is nearly impossible to beat every single time). Upgrade as you see fit in order to get ready to fight them, or else no strategy in the world will get you the win.

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