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Echoes of Magic: Gift Code List and Guide

Echoes of Magic is a beautiful new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This game is known for how much freedom of choice it provides; you can pick from one of over 20 different character classes, customize your skills, your mounts, and more, for a combat experience with almost unlimited possibilities.

Whatever route you choose to go, you can enter gift codes in order to receive free rewards. Gift codes are given out by the developers for promotional purposes or as a reward, and can be redeemed and exchanged for free gifts and prizes.

Read on for a list of gift codes, how to find more of them, and how to use them in Echoes of Magic!

In order to use the gift codes, you have to make your way through the tutorial first. Once you are past that, click on your avatar, which is in the top left corner of the screen.

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From there, tap on the little icon that looks like a present. The gift code redemption screen will pop up. Enter your code and then confirm it in order to claim your free reward!

The best place to start looking for these gift codes is on the official Facebook page for the game. I start by looking through old posts to see if there are any codes that you have a missed, then subscribe to the page so that new codes pop up on your news feed when you log on. Facebook groups about the game are also a good source of codes shared by fans.

Check the Subreddit for the game for the best source of fan discussion. Look for any thread containing codes, which should be easy to find, considering votes and karma can push a thread all the way to the top. If you have any codes that you want to share, then be sure to share them as well.

Twitch and YouTube contain loads of streams and videos about the game, many of these containing codes. Streamers sometimes get codes directly from the developer for promotional purposes, meaning that those codes will appear there before they appear anywhere else. So look through every video and stream that you can in order to find new codes.

Discord is an excellent source, because people put codes in the chat the second that they use them. Use the search bar in the app to filter out any message that isn’t about codes, or simply look through every message in the chat if you have the patience to do so.

In the App Store, go to where you downloaded the game from and go to the review section. There’s a good chance that somebody has posted a review that contains at least one code. If you don’t see any codes there, then post a review that contains codes just to get the ball rolling.

So far, these are the codes that have been shared for Echoes of Magic:









Stay tuned, because it has more codes get released for the game, we will edit this article and add them! If you have any codes that you don’t see posted here, then be sure to put them in the comment section, or simply read the comments to see what codes our readers have shared!