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Fusion Crush: List of Redeem Codes and How To Find More of Them

Fusion Crush is a new PVP merging and tower defense game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to play matches against other players where you put balls down on a board, merge them together to make more powerful balls, knock out monsters before your opponent does, and overwhelm their entire board with monsters.

The developer has added redeem codes to the game, which can be exchanged for free prizes to give you either a head start or a continued edge, depending on your level of experience. Redeem codes can be exchanged for free gifts and prizes. You can use each code only once per account, but you can use as many different ones as you want.

Read on for a list of redeem codes, how to redeem them, and how to find more of them in Fusion Crush!

In order to redeem these codes, first, go to the menu screen. Right there in the menu will be a button that says “redeem“. Tap that button and go to the next screen.

Next you will find a text entry box where you can type a code or copy it from somewhere else. Copy one of the codes, then confirm it in order to get your free prize. If you have multiple codes, then use each code one at a time.

The best place to start looking for codes is on the official Facebook page for the game. Subscribe to that page so that you get each new code that is given out, and go through the feed to look for any codes that you might have missed. Facebook groups are also a great source of codes, if you find one about Fusion Crush.

Other social media networks, such as Twitter, VK, Instagram, and more, are also excellent sources for codes. Look for any official developer pages first, but also look for any fans that are talking about the game and discussing it. Inevitably, you’re bound to find somebody sharing a code that they have found; just be aware of scams and don’t take any surveys.

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Hit the Subreddit to observe and participate in discussions with other players, because this is the most likely place to find them. When players find codes, this tends to be the first place that they go to share them, so look for any threads with codes. If you have codes and you don’t see them shared, then be sure to post the ones that you have.

Twitch and YouTube are excellent sources for codes, because streamers and video content creators tend to get codes from developers directly, for promotional purposes. Search streams and videos for anything that advertises codes, watch the video, then enter the codes for your free rewards.

Go to the App Store that you downloaded the game from, whether it be Apple or Google, and search for any reviews that contain codes. The best place to look is on the newest reviews first. You can even look at reviews on the App Store of whatever platform you don’t use, simply by navigating there in your browser.

Discord is a place where hardcore gamers tend to go to talking about their games, and this one is no different. Simply go to the channel about the game after excepting the invite, then use the search bar to look for any message containing codes. If you have codes to share, then be sure to share them, as well.

As of right now, no codes have been shared for Fusion Crush; however, we are constantly checking our sources, so be sure to bookmark us, because we are adding and updating codes as we find them!


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