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Party of Heroes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Party of Heroes is a new RPG for the iOS and Android based on the browser RPG of the same name. This game puts you in control of a team of heroes, with your goal being to upgrade your team to the maximum potential and quest through increasingly tough battles, collecting gold coins and gems along the way. Read on for some tips and tricks for Party of Heroes!

You have a ton of classes of heroes, from common to uncommon to rare to epic to legendary. Save your coins and your gems for the better heroes in the tavern, unless you are looking for some cheap upgrade fodder to use in the Altar of Sacrifice. In there, upgrade your rare heroes by sacrificing your common heroes that you don’t need in your party anymore.

Upgrade your mines in order to earn more coins simply for doing nothing. Just let them sit there and pile up for awhile, then go collect them later. If you run out of space to put coins, then upgrade the treasury and you will be able to hold more of them. You can also upgrade any of your other buildings for a variety of different results. For example, you will get higher level heroes out of a higher level tavern.

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You need other resources in order to level up your buildings, too, such as columns for the Hall of Heroes, so go to the campaign battles to find them. Play campaign battles over and over again to find the random prizes, or, when you see a resource that you need as a reward for mastery of a particular level, master that level to earn the prize.

Stage mastery is a great source for free gems. Another good source is the duel mode. After passing a certain level in the campaign mode, you will be able to face off against other players’ teams. Win more and your rank will improve. The higher your rank is by the end of a set period, the better your rewards will be.

Don’t forget about the potions, as they can be a huge boost, especially against a tough boss character. If you get a good potion, save it until a battle that you would really need it for, especially if it is a battle that you have lost already. Then use it to gain an edge against the enemy. Don’t waste a potion against enemies that you already know that you can beat.