Cash, Inc. – Fame and Golden Tickets – Collecting and Spending Guide

Cash, Inc. is Alegrium’s new endless game and has taken over Billionaire’s old spot as their biggest hit on the entire App Store and Google Play. Your goal is to start businesses, get rich, then do the same thing all over again, using VIPs to automate the process for you. Fame gives you a multiplier […Read More]

Cash, Inc. – Top Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

Spend Your Fame Wisely Once you earn your first bit of fame, go back to the VIP shop and tab over to the fame shop, and you’ll be able to use your fame to purchase new boosts. Don’t start buying boosts until you can afford to lose the fame – if you spend too much […Read More]

Cash, Inc. – Top Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Cash, Inc – Fame and Fortune Game is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Alegrium, creators of Billionaire Capitalist Tycoon. This is an old-school style clicker game – simple and straightforward, your goal is to buy business, level them up, hire managers to increase profits, and increase your fame to make […Read More]

ChefVille for Facebook Tips: Guide to getting free Cash

Millions have already begun playing ChefVille, which is Zynga’s latest smash-hit game and the latest game in the Ville series, the most popular series of games in the history of Facebook (and possibly the world, with only Angry Birds and Tetris as competition). In this game, there are two forms of currency. The premium currency […Read More]

Mafia Wars 2 for Facebook and Google+: Guide to easy money, fast experience points, gain levels quickly and free health

If you want to gain money and experience easily in Mafia Wars 2, you’re certainly not alone. Read on for some tips and tricks that will allow you to make very quick money and gain experience points rapidly in Mafia Wars 2. One of the best ways to make money quickly in Mafia Wars 2 […Read More]