Yatzy Craze: List of Invitation Codes and How To Find More of Them

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Yatzy Craze is a new competition game for the iOS and Android that is similar to the boardgame with an almost identical name. Your goal is to play rounds of Yatzy against other players, wager money, and whoever wins the round, wins the cash.

There is a mini game where you get to dig for cash, and if you get $10 or more, you are able to cash out. A series of codes allow you to earn bonus digs and earn more cash, and these codes are completely free to enter.

Read on for a list of invitation codes, how to get more of them, and how to use them in Yatzy Craze!

In order to use these codes, go to the deposit screen and find the code button. Tap the button and enter your code, then confirm it and you will get your bonus dig.

To find your own invite code so that you can share it with other players, go to the cash minor screen and tap the code button. Your own code will pop up, a while with icons that allow you to share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, and more. Share it on whatever platform you choose, or just give it to your friends and other players directly; when they enter the code, you get bonus digs.

Be sure that you register an account first, so that you can keep everything that you earn. If you are using a guest account, then you can easily lose everything if the game or the data accidentally gets deleted or corrupted. If you have an account that is password-protected, you don’t have to worry about that.

So where do you go to find more codes? The official Facebook page for the game is a good start, because people will be posting their codes as comments on pretty much any post that the page administrator makes. You can add your code in a comment of your own, as well.

Check the reviews on the App Store, because people will be sharing their codes in the reviews. You can also post a review of your own that contains a code, so that other players can use it. Now is a good time to do this, because there are not thousands of reviews for the game yet.

Anytime you come across a video on YouTube or Twitch about the game, you are likely to find a code that was shared by the streamer or YouTuber. Use these codes not only if you want to support the streamer of your choice, but also to earn more digs.

The cash that you earn from these digs is bonus cash, which means that you can’t withdraw it just yet, but you can wager it in competition against other players. If you win these matches, then your winnings are able to be withdrawn. This simply allows them to play more without having to spend more money.

Here is an invitation code that you can use:


Feel free to post a comment on this article and out of your own invitation code, so that other players can I use it. Happy cash hunting!

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