Weed Empire: Undercover War: Easy ways to load up on money and weed

In Weed Empire: Undercover War you play as an undercover cop who is trying to infiltrate various drug operations my posing as somebody who grows in sells weed. That latter portion is mostly want to game focuses on, so your goal is to earn as much money and weed as possible. Luckily, there are tons of easy and cheap tips and tricks that can earn you a ton of both. Read on to find out how to get more money and weed in Weed Empire: Undercover War!

To earn more weed immediately, all that you have to do is do the following. Simply plant seeds in all of your pots, then water all of your pots, then look at the time that each party has left until the seed sprouts. Go to the date and time settings on your phone or tablet and set the time ahead by a few minutes. Go back to the game and you will have a bunch of fully grown weed.

Make sure to maximize the number of pots that you have so that you can grow as much weed as you can at once. You can have up to six pots in your growhouse how are all six of those spaces. If you want to upgrade pots later, arrest the cop the next time that he opens the door and he will start taking your pots. Or tell Frank to piss off when he comes to your door and he will take every one of the pots.

One way to learn a whole bunch of free money is to use the share function. Go to the in app purchase store or wait until the pop-up comes up the next time that you turn on the game you will be able to share via either email or text message in exchange for a free 100 cash. You can do this as many times as you want so send emails and text messages to yourself over and over to keep earning free money.

Other than that, earning money is a pretty simple scenario. You grow weed, you sell to your customers, and you make money for doing so. If you want to go for the highest profit margin possible, don’t let anybody take a hit of the joint or the bong before you sell to them. This drops the profit margin; however, letting them take a hit will increase your sales volume greatly.

This is true for every single customer that you have, however. Sometimes a customer will react poorly more often than not to either the joint or the blunt. And example of this is the homeless guy, who doesn’t take well to either one. Others, such as Tom the athlete, or the businessman, seem like they always have a whole bunch of extra money to spend and an insatiable appetite for weed. So use the bong or the joint on them before you sell to them to make money quickly off of them.

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