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Amazing Battle Creatures – Tips, tricks, hints, cheats, and strategy guide

Amazing Battle Creatures, by Glu Games, is the latest iOS and Android game for Pokemon fans, and is arguably the best one since mobile developers started trying to make Pokeclones. You get a team of up to three monsters at the same time, and your goal is to breed and collect monsters, battle against other trainers, and join the international competitive monster-collecting league. Read on for some tips and tricks for Amazing Battle Creatures!

There are three different elements in battle – fire, water and plant elements. Fire is strong against plant, plant monsters are strong against water monsters, and water monsters are strong against fire monsters. Combined monsters will have different attacks, but you’ll be able to see whether one is strong or weak against a particular monster by the up arrow or down arrow next to the attack button.

By default, your monsters target whoever is directly across from them, but you can change this by tapping on whoever you want to target, or whichever monster you want your main target to be if you are using a splash attack. Either attack based on elemental strengths and weaknesses, or attack based on trying to knock off one monster at a time.

You’ll win quite a few things in battle, such as sparks, speed-ups and coins. Sparks are important because they allow you to power up your monsters. You’ll catch and/or earn so many throughout the game that in general, don’t spend your sparks on weak monsters. Save them for stronger and/or rarer monsters so that you have a much higher power ceiling to work with.

You can breed new monsters by combining two pieces of DNA together. The type (or types, if it’s a multitype monster) depends on which DNA you use. Your speed-ups are used for taking time off of the breeding process; otherwise it will take hours and hours to finish it. You can earn both of these and coins, which are the main currency of the game, all from battles.

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Go back and fight in old battles if you are stuck on a current battle. Old battles won’t give as many prizes as the newest battle will but they will always give you an ICL prize. Fight here until you run out of energy, then when your energy is restored, fight some more.

Save up your coins so that you can use them to purchase rare monsters once you collect enough of them. You can use them in place of sparks to train your monsters or to auto-hatch someone from your hatchery, but there is absolutely zero point in doing so.

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