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CA$H EMPIRE: How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

CA$H EMPIRE is a new coin pusher game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to earn as many points and bucks as possible by pushing coins and other objects off of the front of the coin dozer board. You have all kinds of boosts which allow you to more efficiently run up your score, as well as various mini games.

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The claim for this game tell you that you can win money in real life my succeeding at the game. They say that you will be able to cash out and have money sent to your PayPal account or via check.

Read on for a guide to real life money and whether or not you can earn it in CA$H EMPIRE!

The most basic aspect to the game, of course, is dropping your coins in the right place. Make sure they are not stacked all over each other in a wild pile, because then the pile will slip as the stack moves, and more coins will slip off of the sides of the board.

Instead, either make sure that you have the wall boost at all possible times, or stack coins neatly to make sure that they don’t fall off of each other. This is a slower process, but you can earn a lot of points this way. Boosts will pop up randomly but if you watch an ad video, you will be able to enable them instantly.

Be sure to use props whenever possible. Props include items such as bombs that knock coins off of the board instantly. After you use one, more of them will recharge overtime.

As you knock different objects off of the front of the board, you will charge up the jackpot. This is where your biggest winnings come from. You will be able to play the slots, and if you win, then you win a massive cash and coin reward.

This game has a massive amount of ads, so if you want to play without them, then load the game up in the airplane mode or with the cellular service turned off. Ads require an Internet connection to load, so if there is no Internet connection, then there can be no ads.

However, doing that will disable some of the voluntary video bonuses, such as free coins and free cash. Whether or not that type of ad-free mode works depends on your style of play and what bonuses you want to use.

As of right now, there is no way to win real money or to cash out in this game. There are many other games that allow you to win real money, but not this one. We can’t find any evidence that there ever was a way to cash out, either – the developers simply made the game look like one of those games.