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Dragonicle – List of Coupon Codes and Master Tapia Codes

Dragonicle there’s a new mobile MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You can go on adventures with your own custom character, play in campaigns, raids, and battle against other players, earning all kinds of rewards along the way.

The developers have added coupon codes to the game as a way for players to get an edge. Experienced players can use coupon codes to stay ahead, and a new players can use coupon codes as a way to get a head start.

Read on for a list of coupon codes, how to find more of them, and how to redeem them for prizes in Dragonicle!

In order to use coupon codes, first, create your character and start the game. After you do that, tap on the round orange button to the left of your avatar, on the far left side of the screen.

After you tap that button, next tap on the option that says “coupon“. This will bring up a text box where you can enter your code. You can use each code one time per account, but you can use as many codes as you want.

To use the Master Tapia codes, you Half to make it to level 50. Once you do, hit the “perks“ button, then tap the gift code button. Enter your code and confirm it to get your free reward.

The best place to start looking for codes is on the official Facebook page for the game. Subscribe to the page so that you get notifications about each new post containing a code instantly. Be sure to look through the feed so that you find any old codes that you missed, as well.

Check other social media networks as well so that you have the best chance at find the most codes. Twitter, Instagram, VK, Chinese social media networks, on others are excellent places to look. You may find codesSure by the developers or my other players, but if it’s an unofficial source, be sure not to take any surveys that the post asks you to take, because they are scams.

Check out the Subreddit as well, because this is where you are most likely to find lots of discussion about the game. Where there is discussion, there will definitely be players asking about codes, or even sharing codes they have found. If you have codes that you don’t see posted here, then be sure to share them yourself.

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Go to the App Store where you downloaded the game from and check the reviews, because there is a good chance that somebody shared a code or two as part of one of the reviews, search the reviews from newest to oldest for the best chance at finding a working code. As always, if you have a code that you don’t see posted, then post it in a review of your own.

Twitch and YouTube are also great sources for codes. Search all the videos and streams that you can to see if codes have been shared in any of them. Streamers tend to get codes given to them by the developers for promotional purposes, so they often have codes that you won’t find anywhere else.

Discord is another excellent source for codes. Go to the chat channel and use the search function to search for any message with the word “code“ in it.

So far, the following codes have been released for Dragonicle:









As for Master Tapia, these are the codes that have been released:






This is all but we have so far, but be sure to keep checking back, because as more codes come out, we will continue to update this article!


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