Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen – List of Redeem Codes and How To Find More of Them

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Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen is a new dress up game for the iOS and Android platforms with a little bit of RPG elements to it. Your goal is to prove that you are the true princess by beating the other contenders to the throne in dress-up competitions.

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There are all kinds of quests that you can do in order to earn rewards, but some of the rarest and Best come from using redeem codes, which are given out by the developers as a reward for loyal players, or as part of a promotion.

Read on for a list of redeem codes, how to use them, and how to find more of them for Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen!

First, you need to know how to use the redeem codes you have to complete the tutorial in order to get to the point where you can enter them. Before that, you won’t be able to click anything that the game doesn’t tell you to click.

Once you’re at that point of completion at minimum, tap your character profile. Then tap the settings button, then follow that up by tapping the redeem code button. Put your code into the text box and confirm it, then you will collect your rewards automatically.

So where do you find more codes for this game? The place to start looking is on the social media channels of the game. Make sure they’re the official ones, and not any of the scam channels set up by people trying to make money.

Check all of their social media channels, not just one of them. Check their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and if you play in a country that has its own social media channels, then check those, too.

Another great place to find the codes is in the Subreddit for the game. Players will post codes if they see them, so make sure to post any codes that you have if you don’t see them posted already.

Check any site where people share videos about the game, such as YouTube, Twitch, or even TikTok. Typically, if there is a promo code contained within the video, then the streamer or a content creator who posts it will advertise that fact in the title or in the description, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

Currently, this is the list of promo codes that are available in the game. There are also plenty of expired ones, so we chose not to include those.


New codes are constantly being added, and when they are added, we will have them posted up quickly, so keep checking back here!

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