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Lucky Day Blackjack Royale: How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

Lucky Day Blackjack Royale is a new blackjack tournament game for the iOS and Android platforms where you compete against other players to see who can play the most, win the most, win gold coins, and even win money in real life. In addition to the blackjack, there are also scratchers and slots mini games to even further increase your winnings.

This game claims that you can win money in real life, and if you read the reviews on the App Store, enough players have cashed out to make it believable that this game lives up to its claim. There are plenty of different steps that you can take if you want to be among the winners.

Read on for some tips on how to win real life money in Lucky Day Blackjack Royale!

Your first priority in this game should be to play as much as possible. The more often that you play and the more card packs that you use, the higher your winnings will be. You can win both experience points and gold coins as the basic prize.

Being that this is a tournament game, you will be ranked against many other players, and where you finish in the rankings determines how much money, gold coins, and other prizes that you will win. The amount that you play factors into this, as well as your winning percentage.

As far as actually winning the blackjack games themselves, every game that you play will be against the computer, and the computer tends to be extremely aggressive. When you play blackjack in real life, conventional wisdom says to stop at 16 or more. In this game, with how aggressive the computer is, stop at 14 or more instead.

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If you have a hand worth 20 with just your first two cards, you will be able to split the hand and a half and try your luck with two hands against your opponents one hand. If one of these split hands ends up being worth 20 with just two cards again, then you can split it again. The more that you split and win, the more coins you earn, by a wide margin.

In addition to being able to win the money with the tournament brackets, there are tons of sweepstakes in this game that happened once a day, or the person with the lucky card is the winner. Be sure to check back with the game at least once a day, so that you can always keep tabs on who wins; maybe you will be the next winner.

Play the scratchers as often as you can, and watch the advertisement videos for as many extra scratcher cards as you can get. Your winning percentage with scratchers tends to be low, but occasionally, you can win a dollar or so, and every time you win real money, your total adds up just a little more. Plus, with every prize, you can watch another advertisement video to double the prize.

Once you reach a minimum of $21, you will be able to cash out. Money earnings are very slow in this game, but the games with fast money earnings tend to be scam games that stop your earnings counter right before you hit the cash out point. Just keep playing patiently and eventually you will get there, and be able to cash out your earnings.


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