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MLB Perfect Inning 15: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

MLB Perfect Inning 15 is Gamevil’s latest big-budget entry into the iOS and Android realm of baseball games, a surprisingly competitive genre. You can manage your own real life team here, not only playing every facet of the game such as offense, defense, and pitching, but you can collect stars and gold, conduct trades, and even draft new players. With plenty of free-player draft promo cheat codes, there are a lot of ways to get rare players for free, too. Read on for some tips and tricks for MLB Perfect Inning 15!

Right now there are multiple promo codes that are going on for free pro drafts in this game. Up until May 30th you can get 5 free players using 148APPS, TOUCHARCADE and other promo codes that have been released to reviewing publications to give out to their users. Look for more promo codes to show up afterwards as well, from other types of publications, especially depending on what sponsorships show up for this game.

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Hitting is tough in this game regardless of if you choose to bat with automatic aiming or manual aiming, but if you want to make it a little bit easier, wear out the opposing pitcher by making him throw a ton of pitches. Take anything that’s outside of the strike zone or is even questionable. Make them throw as many pitches per at-bat as possible. When you’re pitching, do the opposite and try to elicit ground balls and fly balls early on in the count.

If you want to keep your pitch count low, sinkers (two seam fastballs) and sliders are your best pitches for drawing them, but once your pitcher’s stamina starts to run down, you will be less able to get away with making mistakes. You’ll have to concentrate extra hard to make sure that you throw the perfect pitch (which is done by stopping the circle at its smallest point), and change where you aim the ball as well as pick different pitches. For the record, aim toward the corners of the strike zone for the best results.

You have a lot of options when it comes to what to do with your excess players. You can either try to trade them for better players, or you can release them in exchange for training points. Go for training points almost every time until you have so many silver and gold players that it’s pointless to try to trade bronze players. Then trade for training points, and train your most valuable players as a matter of first priority.

Be sure to keep track of all of the rewards that you earn throughout the game, because you earn so many that if you don’t keep on top of them, you’ll be missing out on some major rewards. Go to the mailbox to collect the main batch; go to the missions tab to collect the rewards for any missions that you complete as you go through the game.