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Monster Legend – Redeem Code List and Guide

Monster Legend is a new Pokemon fan-based game for mobile and tablet devices. You can pick through and hatch Pokemon from multiple generations to build the strongest team possible, then battle it out against rivals and against other Pokemon.

In addition to battling it out against bosses and in idle mode, you can also load up on gems and coins. Plenty of other rewards are there as well, but some of the rarest come from redeem codes, which can be exchanged for prizes, and are often given out by the developers for promotional purposes.

Redeem codes are very similar to the cheat codes that you would often find in old video games from the 1980s and 1990s. In those games, you could enter codes in order to skip levels, get unlimited lives, more money, better weapons, and all kinds of other bonuses. They work the same way in this game, except that due to the nature of modern gaming and being online always, the codes are constantly changing and being updated.

Read on for a list of redeem codes, how to exchange them, and how to find more of them in Monster Legend!

Redeeming one of these codes is simple. Just do the following:

-First, complete the tutorial.

-Once you’re done with that, tap on your avatar, then go to the settings menu.

-In here, you will find a button to redeem a code.

-Tap the button that says “redeem codes“ and a text box will appear where you can either type codes or copy and paste them.

-Enter as many codes as you want, confirm each one of them individually, and you will receive the rewards.

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So how do you find codes to redeem? The best place to check is on official social media channels for the game. Keep in mind that this game has two different names, so check under both names and you will eventually find the codes. Facebook should be your starting point, here.

Don’t just check Facebook, though. Look for every single social media channel that the developers of this game are involved with, on different platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and more. Check all of them, rather than just one of them, because you may find codes that are exclusively given out on one platform but not the other one.

Facebook groups are another great source for codes, so search for a group about the game, and if you find active ones, join them immediately. Players will very frequently share codes on these groups; if you have codes, then be sure to share them as well.

Twitch and YouTube are also great sources for codes. When streamers make videos about games, they love to get the developers to give them exclusive codes to give to their fans for promotional purposes. These help both of the Youtubers and the developers remote, so take it vantage of this arrangement and look for codes on these two platforms.

Facebook gaming is another streaming platform that is rapidly growing and entering the streaming space. Developers are becoming increasingly likely to sponsor videos here, so if you find videos about this game there, then you are very likely to find new codes, as well.

Discord is also an excellent source for codes. All that you have to do is except an invite into the channel, then search through the messages that have been shared in order to find codes. You can also use the search bar within the app to only show messages that contain the word “code“ in order to make it easier.

Check the Subreddit for the game for a good chance at finding codes, because players love to post here and search here. Often, when a player finds a code and then uses it, they share it here afterwards, so look for codes, and if you have codes to share, then be sure to share them.

Another underrated source for codes is in whatever app store that you found this game in. Go there, read the reviews, and read the newest reviews first, followed by the oldest. Eventually, you’re bound to find one that contains a code that another player found.

You can even check the reviews for the game on the platform that you don’t use. All that you have to do is go there with your browser, go to the download page, and read the reviews. From there you can see if any of the reviews that have been posted contain codes.

As of right now, no codes have been added yet. This is to be expected, as this is a brand new game.

Be sure to keep an eye on this article for new codes to be added, because as they are released, we will add them in future updates!

Additionally, check the comments section below the article, because players who find codes before we do my post on there. If you have codes that you don’t see here, then be sure to share them in your own comment.