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Reload Rush: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Reload Rush is a new level based running game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as a disembodied gun or a group of guns, and your goal is to collect as much ammunition before the end of the level as possible. You can then increase your firing rate and the damage that you do, blast as many blocks as possible, and earn as much cash as you can. Plus, you can load up on all sorts of new guns.

Read on for a list of tips and cheats for Reload Rush!

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The beginning of the level is the simplest part. All that you have to do is go through the gate that gives you the most ammunition, and pick up all of the loose ammunition that you find. Do this and you will be instantly good to go.

If you have cash at the beginning, then be sure to start your run with at least one of the upgrades. Each upgrade gives you ammunition to start the stage with, which, when I added it to the ammunition that you collect throughout the stage, can result in significantly increased fire power.

As you play more rounds in the game, you will unlock more weapons. When you unlock those weapons, they will be added to the firing line at the end of the next level, allowing you to do far more damage and to let out more shots in a shorter period of time.

Another way to increase your firepower is to use advertisement videos to earn weapons. Some weapons can only be earned by watching advertisement videos, while some weapons cost cash or coins, and most weapons require time spent in order to unlock them. The more overall weapons that you have, the more cash you will earn at the end of the stage.

Be sure to watch the advertisement videos for bonuses every time that you get the chance. The biggest bonus that they give is more than doubling the amount of cash that you earn in each level. Of course, we have already gone over earning special weapons by using videos, but you will also continue unlocking more and more weapons as you go through the game that you can get with an advertisement video.

Be sure to fire as many shots as possible after the end of the level, when you are getting the bonus afterward. Fire at the damage gate and fire at the firing rate gate in order to maximize the number of blocks that you destroy.

The more blocks that you destroy after the end of a level, the more cash that you will earn, in the more cash that you earn, the better the upgrades that you can purchase and the more ammunition that you can start off with at the beginning of the level. You can also save your cash strategically if you want to include it in a different purchase, though.