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Overkill 2 FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, part 2

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In addition to enemies, you will also be able to shoot at support boxes. They will give bonuses such as better accuracy, health bonuses, the ability to regenerate health, an armor bonus, a quicker firing rate, quicker reloading of your gun, extra money, and calling in an instant airstrike. They appear in colored boxes at random times on the stage, so shoot them when they pop up.

You’ll see the amount of bullets left in your clip at the upper right corner of the screen. When they reach 0, they will automatically reload, but you can hit the reload button to reload them before the clip runs out. Strategic use of this will save you time and life points.

The shop is where you can get the goods that will help you win. There are four tabs at the top of the screen. The top left tab is your list of guns, the second tab consists of upgrades for your individual guns, the third tab is the black market, where you can get limited time bonus equipment, and the fourth tab consists of body armor and various explosives and other items that have limited use in battle. Body armor increases your defense and opens up more slots for bonus explosives, medkits and armor bonuses.

Each gun has six different statistics associated with it. Accuracy will determine how close to the crosshairs, or to the gun sight, each bullet lands. Damage is self explanatory. Firing rate indicates how quickly each gun will shoot. Reload indicates how quickly the gun reloads. Stab indicates how stable the gun will remain when it is fired, while reliability indicates how often the gun jams and has to be fixed with the reload button (the higher the stat, the less it has to be fixed).

The green bar for each stat represents the current stat, while the green line to the right of the bar represents the maximum possible statistic when the gun is fully upgraded. The power index represents the total of all statistics at maximum upgrade level. In addition, the “i” button will give background info on each gun, as well as whether it is a machine gun, automatic, semi automatic, a shotgun, or a part of some other category, or more than one of the above.

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