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Sketchman for iPhone: How to get free coins really quickly

Sketchman for iPhone is one of the most addicting free-running games to come out for the platform, which is saying something, considering so many of the games that you find in the app store are free running games. Your goal is to run as far as you can, collect as many coins as you can, and reach new milestones in the game. Getting coins, of course, is how you get farther in the runs, because they let you buy new weapons and power ups. Read on to find out how to maximize your coin gains!

The obvious thing is to try to complete as many missions as you can as quickly as possible, but this is the guide for how to maximize your coins in addition to that. The first thing that you need to do is save up 250 coins so that you can buy the magnet power up. The magnet will cause all coins to automatically fly to you as you pass by them. This is especially useful when you kill airborne enemy characters, or when you kill the boss.

Now, save up 500 coins to buy the coin doubler. This does just as it says – gives you 2 coins for every 1 coin you would normally collect. Now, save up 1000 coins for the gore power-up. This will, in addition to allowing you to complete the “die a bloody death” mission, double the amount of coins that each enemy you kill gives.

Now, with all three of these, start from the beginning every time (no power ups for skipping to a later point) and make it as far as you can every time. You need to make it to the first boss to make all of these power ups worth it, but when you kill the first boss, with the gore power-up and the coin doubler combined, you will earn 4x the normal amount of coins that you earn for killing him. The magnet will, of course, allow you to collect every single one of these coins.

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Try to make it as far as you can past him, too, and kill every single enemy that comes on screen. Do this, and you will RAPIDLY gain the coins that you need for the real nice power-ups, such as better weapons and bullets, and better armor.


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