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How to play Sketchman for iPhone: FAQ, Beginner’s Guide and Walkthrough

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Sketchman, a side scrolling, fast-shooting endless runner for the iPhone and the iPod Touch! In Sketchman, you play as the blue sketch trying to get past all of the red sketches who are shooting at you, as well as the red obstacles that can chop you, electrocute you, trip you and smash you. You even get to fight boss characters in this game, unlike most other instant runners. If you are new to the game or you just want some tips, read on for the beginner’s guide to Sketchman!

The first place that you end up is the main menu. At the main menu, you have the PLAY button, and a number of buttons below. The News button and the “More Games” button both show you what other games the company behind Sketchman has released, but News can also contain news relating to the game itself later on, depending on what they want to add in. The tutorial teaches you how to play, but with this FAQ, who needs it? Scores let you compare your scores against others in the Apple App Center. Options lets you change music and sound settings. More on the store later on.

The play itself is simple. So simple, in fact, that the tutorial is barely even necessary. Hit the “PLAY” button and you’ll automatically be taken to the playing field. Your goal is to avoid all of the obstacles, collect as many coins as you can, and get as far as you absolutely can. Obstacles includes things such as the junk pile (the short pile of garbage that is too low to be shot with the pistol), oil drums, buzzsaws, spiked walls and floors, spiked bombs, red buttons, boxes, and electrical fences. Boxes and oil drums will do damage to you (your damage indicator is in the center of the screen, at the very bottom), as will attacks by other sketches, but the other obstacles will kill you.

Your character has incredible jumping ability in the game. You can single jump, double jump (done by hitting the jump button in mid air), triple jump (done by the jump button again), and glide. When you are dropping on the tail end of the jump, hold the jump button and your character will glide slowly down to the ground; however, if you shoot while gliding, you’ll simply start falling again.

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