Sprite Fantasia – List of Gift Codes and How To Find More

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Sprite Fantasia is a new mobile MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You get all kinds of cute decorations, adorable graphics, and anime characters, and you can build the most powerful team in a quest not only to complete the single player modes, but to dominate other players as well.

You can use redeem codes in order to get free chests, outfits, currency, and much more. Redeem codes are free gifts that are given out by the developer to players, and can be exchanged for free prizes and rewards.

Read on for a list of working redeem codes, how to find more of them, and how to use them in Sprite Fantasia!

In order to use these codes, first, you have to finish the tutorial. Once you do that, go to the “sprite“ menu. From there, tap on the button that says “Gift code“.

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A text box will pop up where are you can then input your code. Put the code in the box, hit the button that says “redeem“, then claim your free reward!

Developers will be very likely to release the code on the official Facebook page for the game, because this tends to be the most popular place for fans to follow the game. Go to the post feed and look through old posts and pictures to find codes that have previously been released, and subscribe to the page so that you can get new codes whenever you see them.

To find codes that fans have posted, your best bet is to go to the Subreddit for the game. Fans are going to post their own codes here first, due to the promise of up votes and karma rewards. If you have codes to share that you don’t see posted here, then be sure to share your own as well.

Go to the App Store where you download the game from and look through the reviews. These have the potential to be an excellent source of codes, simply because the players who post reviews might not necessarily be the type to add codes online elsewhere. As before, if you have codes that aren’t there yet, then post a review of your own and add them.

Twitch and YouTube tend to have exclusive codes that nobody else has, at least for a while, because the developers love to give streamers and YouTube celebrities codes in order to promote the game. If you are a YouTube personality yourself, try contacting the developer. Otherwise, scour the videos to see if you can find any codes that you don’t have.

Don’t forget about other social media networks, as well. Twitter, Instagram, VK, Chinese social media networks, and other networks can be excellent sources for codes, whether they have an official developer page or not.

As follows, here are the codes that have been released so far for Sprite Fantasia:








Be sure to keep an eye on this article for updates, and if you have codes that you don’t see posted here yet, then be sure to add them in the comment section!

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