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Age of Warring Empire Tips and Cheats Guide, Part 3: Rare Heroes, Defense, Treasures, and More

Welcome to part 3 of the tips and tricks guide to Age of Warring Empire! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide. Heroes who have more than 1 star (especially the three, four and five-star rare heroes) will have base stats that are FAR higher than common heroes. If you only […Read More]

Guide to Collapse! Blast for Facebook and Google+: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Collapse! Blast is a spin off of the popular Collapse! puzzle game for Facebook, and recently it has also made its way to Google+. The difference between Collapse! Blast and Collapse! is that Collapse! Blast has many more power ups, such as radius bombs, color bombs and whatnot. The main premise is the same though […Read More]

Guide to Wasteland Empires for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Wasteland Empires is a brand new strategy, tower defense type of game for Facebook, similar to games such as Backyard Monsters, Edgeworld and Battle Pirates. Your goal is to clear out your wasteland, build up your town to the point where you’re loaded with people, resources and food, and defeat other players (as well as […Read More]

Deus Ex… part deux*: Names and randoms by the girl gamer.

*two So I’ve continued playing Human Revolution, and I have to admit, I keep dying. Even on the easy setting. How annoying. But something I wanted to discuss is the recurrence of a few names. I vaguely remember Tracer Tong and something Manderly (James?) from the first game. Ok, I looked it up, Joseph Manderley […Read More]

Guide to Car Town for Facebook part 3: Gaining levels and experience, tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Car Town is a now-classic Facebook game where you collect cars, race them, and enter them in car shows, as well as work on cars! But enough about that, if you’re reading this, you already know what Car Town is about. Let’s get to the new tips and tricks.   Once you get to higher […Read More]