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WWE SuperCard – How to become the champion in King of the Ring and win in Exhibition mode

WWE SuperCard has two main modes of gameplay. In the exhibition mode, you play a semi-friendly match against another player and their main deck of five cards. King of the Ring mode has a bit more strategy to it. It’s played automatically, but you have 10 cards instead of five, and you have to keep a watch on the energy levels of your cards. Read on to find out how to win in both of these modes in WWE SuperCard!

The main key in exhibition mode is to look at how many wins and losses the other players have. It doesn’t matter what their overall winning percentage is; all that matters is how many or how few total matches they have played. For easy wins, play against those who have played the least amount of matches, because their cards will likely be the least rare, the most poorly trained and are the least likely to be combined.

By that same token, get rid of your extra cards by training and combining your main deck of cards. You can use as many cards as you want in training, but in combining, you have to merge two identical cards together. It’s best to increase the experience level of your two cards as much as possible before you combine them.

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In King of the Ring mode, the easiest way to win is to set your deck so that the rarity bar is increased as high as possible without being at the top. It’s better to have the highest amount of power in a lower tier then the lowest amount of power in a higher tier.

Do this until you start earning more rare cards from winning the championship and simply from reaching the finals. If you earn enough to fill up your entire deck with rare cards as well as training and combine them, go ahead and increase your rarity level so that you can compete for bigger prizes. Do the steps with every single tier of cards, from super rare to epic to legendary.

Don’t engage in King of the Ring play unless you have the maximum of five energy cards, because as your cards run out of energy, their statistics will drop massively, which can derail your entire effort. Have the five energy cards to begin with, and always check your deck to see when you need to use them in order to keep your strongest deck active.

Otherwise, have 10 cards of the same rarity so that you can swap them out easily without taking much of a hit in statistics.