Pokémon GO: Evolution Item Guide – How to get and use Metal Coats, Dragon Scales, Sun Stones, King’s Rock and Up-Grades

The latest update to Pokémon GO is live, and with it comes 80 new Pokemon from the Gold and Silver generations of the game. With that comes five special evolution items that you need for certain evolutions – the Metal Coat, Dragon Scale, Sun Stone, King’s Rock and Up-Grade. Each is needed for a specific […]

Pokémon GO: Umbreon and Espeon cheats, and Nanab and Pinap Berry Guide

Pokémon GO has just seen its largest update to date, and part of that includes the addition of 80 new Pokémon. Two of these Pokémon are the Umbreon and Espeon, which are two new Eevee evolutions from the Gold and Silver generation of the game. Also added to the game are the Pinap and Nanab […]

Postknight: Girls, Gifts and Relationships – What gifts to give the girls for the most hearts

Postknight is an incremental RPG where you can slay bandits and monsters, deliver packages, but one of the side quests that the game offers is to give gifts to the various girls in the game. By giving gifts you build your relationship with them, and they will give you gifts in return. However, if you […]

Postknight – Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 3

Once you go to the blossom festival and buy flowers there, start gifting them to the girls. The flowers have a VERY high chance of success with the girls, no matter which flower or which girl. They are more expensive than the other gifts, at an average of about 30,000 coins apiece in addition to […]

Postknight: 5-Star Equipment and Equipment Set Bonus Guide, Page 3

Illustrious Set Full Set: Health +15% 5-Star Bonuses: Illustrious Saber: Dodge Rate +6% Illustrious Shield: %30 chance of health recovery when blocking Illustrious Mail: Max health +15% Illustrious Cap: Recover 10 health every 3 seconds in battle Imperial Set: Full Set: Attack +20% 5-Star Bonuses: Imperial Hammer: 15% stun chance Imperial Bulwark: 30% chance health […]

Postknight: 5-Star Equipment and Equipment Set Bonus Guide, Page 2

Tier 3 (Griffondell): Highwind Set: Full Set: Attack +10% 5-Star Bonuses: Highwind Axe: Critical rate +5% Highwind Buckler: Damage +10% Highwind Guard: Max health +10% Highwind Cap: Critical Damage +15% Tempest Set: Full Set Bonus: Item Find +10% 5-Star Bonuses: Tempest Blade: Accuracy +10% Tempest Buffer: 20% chance to recover health when blocking Tempest Garb: […]

Postknight: 5-Star Equipment and Equipment Set Bonus Guide

Postknight is a new hit game starring a postal working knight whose goal is to deliver goods to people while fighting off everything from dire wolves to pirates to angry goblins. You can load up on all sorts of equipment in this game, complete equipment sets, and upgrade your equipment for additional bonuses once you […]

Postknight – Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

Whenever you are too low on health points, the “Go” button will be grayed out until you recover. Tap it and you won’t have to wait to recover. You can either use the gems to recover immediately, or you can watch an advertisement video for a free full recovery in about thirty seconds. This won’t […]

Fire Emblem Heroes – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Fire Emblem Heroes is the latest in Nintendo’s blitz of mobile entries in its popular console franchises. This one brings in heroes from all around the Fire Emblem universe, from the OGs such as Marth and Roy to the ones who introduced the series to America, such as Eliwood. You can load up on heroes […]

Postknight – Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Postknight is a new iOS and Android game by Kurechii in which you play a knight who is also a postman. Your goal is to deliver letters while defeating massive enemy contingents. You can collect coins, gems, upgrade materials and event tokens, and even trade gifts with girls in each village in order to build […]