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Ava Airborne – Ultimate Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Ava Airborne is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms about a little girl who dreams of big flight. You can fly anything from a hang glider to a fidget spinner to a biplane, and your goal is to dodge obstacles, balance climbing and diving like in the old Pilotwings Nintendo games, and fly for the longest possible distance. You can gain levels, unlock a ton of new flying machines, earn sweets, and find helpers and power-ups as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ava Airborne!

Once you master the controls, the key to flying for a truly long distance is a good recovery. To recover after you smash into a black balloon or a laser barrier, you have to tap on the screen rapidly. Learn how to fly with fingers other than your thumb. Then, when you crash, tap on the screen rapidly with as many fingers as possible for swift and easy recoveries. The higher you are when you crash in the air, the better your chances of recovery.

Don’t just go for distance though. Know what you can collect when you’re flying around. Balloons give you sweets, which you can then use to buy new flying machines once they become available to you. Hoops give you experience points, which contribute to increasing your rank, and thus allowing you to unlock the ability to purchase more flying machines. Red/white rectangles give you a speed boost, and the rocket sends you flying at an insanely quick rate of speed for a sustained period of time.

Every flying machine has a VERY different method of control. Some are more like Pilotwings. Others, such as the fidget spinner, play like Spider Man, where you swing from a fixed point to move forward. Once you buy a new flying machine, don’t worry about distance or time at first. Take a bit of time to fly around with it and master it. If you don’t like it, then switch back to your old flying machine and upgrade it, rather than going forward with your new one.

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To earn the most sweets and experience points possible, pick something that it’s very easy to fly a loop in, such as the Waltzer. Fly around and fly through as many hoops and balloons as possible. Then do a loop and backtrack (stay upside down for longer if you need to backtrack farther, but don’t go back too far or you’ll crash). Fly through the hoops and balloons that you miss again. If you fly through a balloonless hoop, you’ll earn experience points but not sweets.

Aside from the flying contraptions, you can unlock all sorts of collectibles and boosters using the prizes that you get from bonus boxes. Buddies increase your air mileage and candy multiplier. Helpers give you one free recovery. Launchers provide you an initial lift-off boost and add style to your launch pad. Charms give you a chance to win something after every battle. Lollies are just for fun. Trinkets, when equipped, can change the entire appearance of the game.