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Baseball Heroes (Facebook) Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Help, Hints and Strategies

Baseball Heroes is a new baseball game for Facebook, which puts you in the position of being one specific batter on a team. In addition to being the batter, your goal is to manage the rest of the players on your team, and to make sure that your team is good enough and talented enough that you can win as many games as possible. You can even manage and build the stadium, and pick your favorite team to use (although the names aren’t real, of course). Read on for some tips and tricks for Baseball Heroes!

There are two methods you can use to swing, and you have to time each of them differently. If you swing with the spacebar, swing JUST as the ball is crossing the plate, or slightly before. If you swing by clicking the mouse, there will be a little bit of delay, so click much earlier. The game will stop for a half a second, and then the result of the swing (hit, miss or out) will show.

Energy runs out quickly in this game so add as many friends as possible in the game, and send them energy often. They’ll automatically be prompted to send energy back. You can send coins back and forth with your friends, making it much easier to build your stadium and to upgrade your players more quickly.

As early and as often as possible, buy better stands, backgrounds, seats, scoreboards and other stadium upgrades in order to earn more coins from ticket sales, which you can then use to buy upgrades for your players. Once you have the best upgrades, spend ALL of the rest of your coins buying C-packs so that you can get a much better team, and have replacements for when your premium and hero cards run out of energy.

After you have an entire team composed of at least C-pack worthy players, then spend all of your coins upgrading them. Do this and you’ll win the vast majority of your games. Of course, if you want to spend Facebook Credits (and there are plenty of ways to get free Facebook Credits in this game), you can, and you can spend them on better card packs.

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Improve your team rank by simply playing more games, and making sure to play only when your premium players have enough energy to go on. If they run out of energy, play something else for awhile until their energy is restored.