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Beauty Care! – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Beauty Care! is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where are you give all sorts of skin care and beauty care of two different patients. From their skin to their nails, there are all kinds of different treatments that you can give. You can work your way up from entering to doctor and beyond, unlock new epic tools, earn gems, decorate your doctors office, and a whole lot more.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Beauty Care!

Each of the different levels and stages in the game plays fairly simply. You have to use a tool to remove something from someone, or to clean someone, and then you beat the level and earn your reward. The game typically tells you what to do while you are doing it, so the puzzles are never entirely too complicated.

Occasionally, you will get an offer that allows you to watch an advertisement video in exchange for an epic tool. Epic tools are tools that you wouldn’t normally unlocked without watching advertisement videos, but they do the same job as the alternative. It’s not necessary to earn epic tools in order to complete levels, although it may make some levels easier or enable you to complete them in fewer steps.

This game has a lot of advertisements included in it. If you want to get rid of all advertisements, you can set the phone into airplane mode before you load the game, or you can turn off the Wi-Fi and the cellular signal before you load it, because the advertisements require a connection in order to load. If you load the game with no connection whatsoever, then the advertisements will not load.

You can also simply hit the X button on the banner ad at the bottom of the screen in order to purchase ad free mode, which costs five dollars or whatever the equivalent is in your local currency. This gets rid of all of the unwanted ads permanently, but it allows you to still take the advertisement video offers that can earn you bonuses.

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You can customize your doctors office, and at the current moment, all of the furniture that you can get in the game can be unlocked with advertisement video offers, not gems. Currently, there is actually nothing to spend gems on in the game, but you can collect them and earn them as bonuses when you beat levels and when you take multipliers after beating levels.