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Bounty Pirates: Redeem Code List and Guide

Bounty Pirates is a new unofficial idle RPG in the One Piece universe for the iOS and Android platforms. You can watch as your characters take on missions, fight bosses on your own, play against other players, and engage in all sorts of game modes, while earning characters and gems along the way.

If you need a head start in the game, or if you are an experienced player looking for an edge against the competition, then redeem codes let you get free rewards the other players might not find. Redeem codes can be exchanged for prizes and gifts, and are often given out for reasons such as loyalty rewards or new player promotions.

Think of these codes a little bit like the cheat codes that were often featured in old school video games. You can enter codes in these games in order to receive prizes, such as unlimited lives or more money, or better weapons. The codes in this game work mostly the same way, except that due to the nature of modern James, they are always changing and being updated.

Read on for a list of redeem codes, how to get more of them, and how to use them in Bounty Pirates!

The tutorial is pretty short, but you have to make your way all the way through before you can use any of these codes. Once you are done with that, do the following:

-First, tap on your avatar, which is in the top left corner of the screen.

-This will bring up the information menu.

-Once you get there, tap the button that says “redeem code” and a text box will pop up.

-Enter the code, or copy it from somewhere else, then confirm the code, and you will get your rewards instantly.

There are many sources for new codes, but Facebook is arguably the most likely place where you will find the code. Go to the official page that is managed by the developers and subscribe to it so that you can catch codes as soon as they come out. Be sure to also look at previous posts and pictures, so that you can find any codes that you might’ve missed.

If you find an active Facebook group about the game, then be sure to join it, because Facebook groups aren’t resources for discussion about the game, especially for players who either want to share codes or are looking for codes. If you are reading this article, then you are probably in the second category. The more active the group, the better.

Other social media networks, including Twitter and Instagram, are also a great source, especially if you can find an official developer page. Social media networks from other countries, such as VK, or Chinese social media platforms, are great places to look if you speak the language or if you have a translation app handy.

Occasionally developers will give out codes in one language but not in other languages, so you can find those codes on those pages. If you come across a code that is in an alphabet different than the one on your keyboard settings, then you’re going to have to copy and paste the code, rather than type it. The code will still work, though, no matter what keyboard you have set.

YouTube and Twitch are two of the best sources for codes that you won’t find anywhere else, because streamers tend to get different codes than the ones that are giving out for free by the developers on the website. This is because the developers like to use streamers to promote the game, and that is no different for this game. Make sure that all of their promotions are to your benefit.

Facebook gaming is another up-and-coming player in the streaming world, and nowadays, you were almost as likely to find streams about the game there as you are here. Developers are noticing this, and as such, they are often sponsoring streams there, and releasing codes on that platform as well.

For a small game such as this, be sure to check the App Store review pages. Look at the reviews from newest to oldest for the best chance at finding current codes that are not expired. Be sure to post any codes that you have that you don’t already see posted in a review of your own.

Go to the Subreddit for this game or to R/gachagaming and look for any discussions about this game, especially any threads that contain codes. Additionally, if you have codes that you don’t see posted, then be sure to post them yourself so the other players can use them and benefit from them.

As of right now, the following codes have been released for Bounty Pirates:




That is all for now; however, there’s a good chance that more will be released soon, and we are constantly checking sources, so keep checking back with ours, because as soon as we find more codes, we will add them into this article!

Be sure to also check our comments section below of the article for any new codes that have been posted by our readers, and if you have a code that you do not see in this article yet, then post it in the comments yourself!

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Tuesday 12th of April 2022