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The Office: Somehow We Manage – Free Scottcoins, Cards, and Coffee Guide

The Office: Somehow We Manage is the smash hit idle game for the iOS and Android platforms based off of the American version of The Office – the game, in fact, is named after Michael Scott’s fictional book. You can relive many of your favorite moments from the series while upgrading your desk, earning items, unlocking new characters, and earning Scottcoins.

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Scottcoins are the premium currency of the game, and they are almost impossible to find for free, as the primary way to get them is by purchasing them using real money. However, there are a couple of ways to get them for free.

Coffee and cards are more common than Scottcoins, and are both used in conjunction with each other in order to upgrade characters, their desks, and their decorations. Coffee can be used for anyone, while cards are specific to one character or one decoration.

Read on for a guide to getting free cards, coffee, and Scottcoins in The Office: Somehow We Manage!

Coffee is the most common of these, because you will rack up coffee from doing normal things within the game, such as completing the tasks that are on the top bar of the screen. Another way to get free coffee is my opening the coffee boxes, which show up in your shop every four hours, are free to open, and will give you free coffee.

There are other ways to get more coffee in the store, such as the other two gift baskets that cost Scottcoins, but you should never need to purchase those in order to have enough coffee to do your upgrades. Simply collect the coffee basket every four hours; set push notifications so that you can reset the timer and collect the basket as soon as it becomes available.

Cards are collected using the three baskets mentioned above. The coffee basket will contain up to 10 cards every time that you open it, so open it as often as you absolutely can. The gift basket and the epic basket contain significantly more cards, allowing you to upgrade and unlock new decorations far more quickly.

Additionally, every time that you finish an episode, you will earn a significant amount of coffee and cards as bonuses. These earnings, no matter how quickly you complete the minigame at the end of every episode.

Scottcoins are the rarest and most prized commodity here, so they’re going to be the most difficult to earn for free. Of course, you can pay real money by making an in-app purchase, but who wants to do that?

To earn Scottcoins for free, complete the episode and then tap as quickly as possible when the minigame begins. Tap with as many fingers as you possibly can, alternating the fingers that you tap with in order to make sure that the screen reads them all. The more characters that you give bonuses to, the more Scottcoins that you will earn before the next episode.

Additionally, upgrade Michael Scott as often as possible. If you have enough cards to upgrade him before playing the minigame, then do that, because for each level that he gains, he earns you more Scottcoins during the minigame. If you have the Scottcoins to spend, then buy more cards before the minigame in case you’re able to upgrade Michael Scott just from that.

Spend your Scottcoins wisely, as well. The best way to use them is by purchasing card baskets. The worst way to use them is purchasing more coffee, because coffee is too common to be worth spending Scottcoins on.


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