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Dark Nemesis: Redeem Code List and Guide

Dark Nemesis is a hugely popular new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms. You can play as a custom character of your creation and explore the world, playing with and against other players. You can also load up on new equipment and upgrade it along the way.

Codes can be used to get free boosts and reward, kind of like cheat codes in older videogames. Like their classic cheat code counterparts, the codes in this game are inserted by the developers. You can use as many different codes as you want, although you can only use each code once.

Read on for a list of codes, how to use them, and how to find more of them in Dark Nemesis!

In order to use codes in this game, you have to get all of the way past the tutorial. Once you do that, hit the prize button at the bottom right corner of the screen (this button doesn’t show up before finishing the tutorial).

After you do that, tap the button that says “fan base” and then in the next window, a text box will be included. This is where you put your code. Confirm the code, and then check your box to see if your reward has shown up yet.

One way to find redeem codes for Dark Nemesis is to check the Subreddit. The Subreddit is official, with developer participation, so they will often post codes here as a promotional tool or to reward players.

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On top of that, other players will post codes here when they find them, even if they haven’t been put here by the devs. So check the Subreddit for posts by other players, and then benefit from their finds.

Check all other social media channels for the developer and for the game itself. Often, codes will be posted here that don’t show up in the Subreddit, so check their Twitter, Facebook, and any other official channels that you find. Be sure to check all of these channels, not just one of them, and to subscribe to their social pages.

Subscribe to the Dark Nemesis Discord and Youtube channels for official announcements, which often include Redeem Codes. Also, go to the Discord and search for “Redeem Codes” or just “Codes” to see all of the chat posts related to it.

Another outside shot at finding Redeem Codes comes from watching streams on Twitch, YouTube, FB Video, and similar sources. Often the content creators are given special codes to give out to the fans.

As of right now, the following codes are available for Dark Nemesis:








That is all of the codes that we have for now; however, keep checking back in this article, because as the developers release more codes and as we find them, we will post them inside the article. If you have any codes that you do not see posted here, then be sure to share them in the comments section so that we can post them!


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