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Cash Rally: Slots Casino Game – Free Coin Links and Guide

Cash Rally: Slots Casino Game is a popular game for the iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to play slots, gamble higher and higher stakes, and bet on more lines in order to try to win coins. You can level up, unlock new boards, and complete missions in order to try to get more free coins.

There are lots of links and ways to get free coins that have been posted around the internet, but many of these are scams. Many of them actually work, but many of them are scams, so we will tell you which is which.

Keep reading for a guide to free coin link and ways to get more coins in Cash Rally: Slots Casino Game!

Coins are one of the things that goes away the fastest, especially when you are playing the game heavily, and especially when you are far enough into the game that you’re able to speed things up and gamble on multiple lines at a time. Eventually, you are probably going to run out of coins, so where do you turn when you do?

There are tons of free coin links around the internet, but most of them are absolute scams. Be aware of any free coin link that shows a completely random URL, one that has nothing to do with the game or with the developer. If a link looks like it’s off, that’s because it is.

There is one single trustworthy source for links that get you free coins, and that is the developers of the game itself. The developers give out a free link every single day, one that does not expire until the next day starts. You can use as many of these free energy links as you want.

So how do you find these free energy links? The most reliable way is to go to the Facebook page of the developer, where they will have a link posted in one of their post. No prescription is required; they put a new link in the feed every day, and sometimes multiple links per day, so simply read through their post feed. The link is at

You can also find these links elsewhere if you prefer not to use Facebook or if you don’t like Facebook. One of the most obvious places to find these links is Reddit, although just like with other websites, you have to watch out and make sure that you are clicking what you think you’re clicking. Otherwise, you might end up clicking on a scam link.

There are other websites out there that post the link every single day, and that post the actual real link. The authors of these websites subscribe to the feed, and then update their articles every single day. You should typically be able to find the link fairly early in the day.

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If you want to post the link as early as possible, go to the comment section below this article and post the daily link! Do not post scam links, though, because not only have I already given my readers tips on how to avoid scams, but the comment moderation system will catch them and reject them.