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Kidding Me – Ready For Tricky?: All 127+ Answers and Solutions To All Levels and Questions

Kidding Me – Ready For Tricky, also known as Kidding Me – Ready For Tricky Puzzles, is a new trick question game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to come up with the answers for tons of difficult questions that require you to think outside the box. You will find everything here […Read More]

Adorable Home (iOS/Android): How To Get Unlimited Love (Hearts)

Adorable Home is the new passive home maintenance game for the iOS and Android platforms where you take care of cats, earn love (hearts), and beautify and customize your house with new furniture, plants, appliances, and electronics. You can hang out with your partner, capture various moments, and customize to your heart’s desire. Love, or […Read More]

Adorable Home (iOS/Android): How To Get All Animal Visitors and List Of Animal Visitors

Adorable Home is a relaxing game for the iOS and Android platforms by HyperBeard Games where you collect love, decorate your home and garden, and get a whole bunch of cats, while capturing various moments on camera. One of the harder-to-figure-out aspects of the game is the ability to attract animal visitors. Of course, the […Read More]

Mr. Brain: IQ Evolution/Trick Puzzle Game – All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions

Level 1: Who works only one day per year? Santa Claus – he works on Christmas! Level 2: What color appears more than any of the other colors? White is the correct choice. Level 3: How many books are on the table? The right answer is zero, because there are no books on the table. […Read More]