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Criminal Case (Facebook) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Criminal Case is a new, extremely popular hidden object game by Pretty Simple, Inc, which has become one of the top games on Facebook. You’re a brand new cop in the Grimsborough Police Department, and your job is to investigate murders and solve the crimes as quickly as possible. You do this by solving hidden object games to find evidence, and then using the forensic evidence, piecing together various clues and trying to figure out who the right killer is. Read on for some tips and tricks for Criminal Case for Facebook!

Criminal Case, like many other hidden object games, allows you to play the same stages over and over to earn higher accumulated scores as well as prizes (like bonus stages) and extra stars (which you can use to unlock the stages). Play the same stage over and over so that you memorize where all of the objects are, because they will always be in the same locations, and even memorize where objects are that you don’t have to pick up, because during the next round, you might have to pick them up.

When playing a new round, if you still want to earn the highest score possible (and who doesn’t?) then after you begin the game, scope out everything that’s listed on the object list before you start clicking. Once you find all six objects, click them one after the other in short succession, so you can earn high multipliers. Try not to use the hint tool if at all possible, but use it if you have only one item left to find and the multiplier bar is full, because by then your score will be high enough that getting the hint bonus won’t even matter.

Send your buddies cards each time that you use them to help you out. They will be prompted to send cards back, and trading in your card collections will allow you to earn bonuses such as coins and orange juice.

Post below if you want people to add you in the game, so that you can get free energy and so that you can send them free energy. Like the game on Facebook and go to the official page and you’ll be able to find lots of free energy, orange juice and other bonuses that the developers of the game give away.