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Criminal Case (Facebook): Get Free Energy!

Criminal Case is a hidden object whodunit that has become the most popular game of its kind on Facebook. Like most everything else on Facebook, you need energy in order to continue, and when you run out of energy, you have to wait for awhile before moving on. You can always pay for more energy if you want but why would you want to spend your hard-earned Facebook Credits and Cash? Read on to find out how to get free energy in Criminal Case!

You get a free complete energy refill each time that you level up, so gain a level. To speed up the gain of experience points, get 5 stars on one level, and then you can play it for only 5 energy instead of 20 energy, so grind on that level over and over until you gain a level and get your free refill.

You and your friends can send energy back and forth (once per friend) once per day. In addition, send a card to each of your friends every time that you use them as your partner in a case, and they will all be more likely to send one back to you in return. Spades and Hearts can be traded in later on for Chips and Burgers, which earn you 50 and 20 Energy (respectively). Add more friends by checking the comments in your game’s feed or by posting in the comment box below this article and adding people who have already posted.

If you don’t want to like the game or check the feed daily, go to and go through the feed to find all of the links that the developers post for free bonus energy. Also, go to the comments and look for the rewards people post. Click on them for a chance to earn them before they run out (and post your rewards too). Also, check your friends’ feeds for the free energy rewards that they earn and post – and post yours whenever possible.

Solve the forensic kits for a small energy bonus (so solve them as fast as possible to earn more of these little bonuses). Also, collect the daily bonuses. Check back every day and some days you’ll earn the burgers, orange juice or bags of chips as a reward. Finally, the last way to get “free energy” (quotes used for a reason) is to complete offers for free Cash, and then to spend that Cash on some Energy.