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Cube Master 2048: How To Win Real-Life Money

Cube Master 2048 is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you shoot cubes across what looks like a shuffleboard table. Your goal is to merge identical cubes together in order to make the next number up. Keep shooting cubes and making combinations so that you don’t lose by having too big of a cube crowd.

Read on for a guide to earning real life money in Cube Master 2048!

To start, the gameplay is very simple. All that you have to do is merge two cubes together that have the same number on them. If you merge two cubes that say 2, then you get one cube that says 4. Two cubes that say 4 can be turned into one cube that says 8. This goes all the way until you get a cube with the number 2048 on it.

Your goal is to keep merging cubes until you lose, and losing happens when you get such a big crowd of cubes on your board that a cube ends up crossing the dotted line into your territory. Do not let any cubes into your territory, and you can keep going for as long as you want.

To do this, it’s important to carefully aim your shot so that you are not needlessly crashing two different cubes into each other. Crash the same cubes into each other, or start building realistic combinations of cubes in order to plan for the next big merge.

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You have two different power ups that you can use. The bomb power up is great for clearing jams because it blows nearby cubes of heart. Keep in mind, though, that you cannot blow up the only cube on a board; the bomb will simply not do it. When you have more than one cube on the board, though, try to avoid shooting your highest combination cube.

The magnet is the other power up, and it will automatically cause identical cubes to merge with each other, making the highest possible combination. This is also an extremely effective power up.

If you run out of either bombs or magnets, then tap the button to get more and the first refill will be free. Tap the button when you run out again, and he will be prompted to watch an advertisement video. When the video finishes, you will get one free magnet or bomb.

Coins are the given currency for this game, and each time that you make accommodation, you will be prompted to watch an advertisement video in order to earn a large amount of coins. These advertisement videos are completely pointless, though, because as of right now, there’s not one single thing or purchase within the game that you can use your coins for.

At some point, this game also included a cash option as well as Waze to cash out. Both of these have since been removed from the game, so there is no given way to redeem any real wife money. This is simply a simple spinoff of 2048 with annoying video prompts and and easy to moderate challenge.