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Dawn of Titans – Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats and Strategies for Riches and Domination

Dawn of Titans is a new MMORTS by NaturalMotion Inc, a company better known for Clumsy Ninja and other games that push the boundaries of what games can do. Real-time strategy games are typically low on the graphics, but this one has super high graphical quality, along with far more strategic battles than the genre is really known for. Beyond that, you can fight against other players, take resource islands and protect your own, load up on resources and relics, and battle for domination of your server. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dawn of Titans!

During battles, you can give auto orders before choosing the fight option, but this is rarely a good idea. This is only a good idea if your troops are significantly overpowered, or if you are reading this later in the life of the game, when the AI has been fixed, but right now, many oddball glitches, such as immobile troops, can derail the automatic orders. Luckily, you can take control of your own troops at any time and cancel out the automatic orders.

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Grab spells whenever you see them sitting around during a battle. Proper strategic usage can majorly derail the plans of the opposing armies. For example, if you pick up a fireball or a lightning spell, scroll ahead in the level to see where clusters of enemy troop formations are sitting still, waiting for the action to begin, or where your enemy’s titan is located. Blast the stationary enemies with spells to take away large amounts of health. They’ll also move before they’re supposed to, breaking away from the other troop formations and becoming easily susceptible to getting cluster-attacked by your formations.

Don’t rely on battling alone for your resources, though. Always be sure to keep your gold mines and your farms upgraded proportionately to your progress in the campaign mode and outside of it. Keep your gold vaults upgraded to ensure that you have enough capacity for your next big upgrades.

Smart use of relics is the key to winning in a tough battle, as well. Before you send your titan and your troops into battle, fill all of their available relic slots. Later in the game, you will be able to equip more than one relic on each of your titans. All you have to do is merge it with another titan first in order to unlock more of the relic slots.

Keep collecting titans in order to use more of them for defense and to get better ones to use on offense. You’re going to need to set a titan and troops in order to your kingdom, and for each neutral resource territory that you capture and add to your lands, you will have to protect them too, and you can do so by adding a titan and filling its slots for troops, relics and spells as applicable.