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Daytona Rush – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Daytona Rush is a new iOS and Android endless driving game. Invictus Games’ new spin on the stock car racing game does it perhaps the best justice of any mobile attempt so far, with a novel lane-switching setup in which you can pass other racers a nearly endless number of times per stage, race laps as long as you can, collect cash and upgrade your car so that you can do it all over again. Read on for some tips and tricks for Daytona Rush!

One of the littlest, yet most effective ways that you can make your efforts more worthwhile is to double your earnings after every race, or at least after every race where you’ve earned enough to get a big boost from doubling. To do this, tap on the button to double, and you’ll watch an advertisement video. After it’s done, you’ll then have double what you initially earned for that one specific race. You can do this as many times as you want with no limitations.

Once you do that you can upgrade three different things on your car using all of the money that you saved up: The engine, the running gear and the body. Upgrading the engine will increase the speed of your car as well as boost the fuel economy. The running gear upgrade will speed up each one of your lane changes. Upgrading the body of your car will increase the amount of hits that you can take before you lose a round.

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You have three missions that you can complete per race, and if three missions are completed, you gain a level. When you complete a mission, a new mission will pop up in its place, and usually one mission will be significantly easier than the other two (at least easier to finish in a short amount of time). Make it easier on yourself by doing one mission at a time as much as possible, then crash yourself after you finish that one mission.

When you make it to specific experience levels, you will get the opportunity to purchase a new car. Purchasing a car costs a lot of money, so after you unlock the slot in the shop, start focusing on earning a lot of money in races. The farther you go in a race and the more near-misses you complete, the more money that you will earn. You can also earn money by running into cars, but that will obviously take you out of the race if you do that too often.

If you want to undo all of the damage that you have taken during a race, look for the wrench to appear in the middle of the race and pick it up. Do this and your car will be fixed completely, no matter how much or how little damage it has taken and maximum damage it can take. Hit the pit lane whenever it appears to restore your gas before the next lap.