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One Piece Treasure Cruise – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

One Piece Treasure Cruise is a new iOS and Android RPG based off of the most popular Manga in Japanese history. This pirate-themed game is loaded with both story and with an active battling system that puts an unusual degree of strategy and speed into the normally action-starved world of mobile RPGs. Plus, you, as Monkey Luffy, can recruit hundreds of crew members and create an endless amount of crew combinations to stock on your ship (or ships), as well as collect Beli and Rainbow Gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for One Piece Treasure Cruise!

You have only so many rare crew members that you can have in your party at one time, but you can increase the amount by increasing your Total Cost. This increases as you increase your pirate level (your main experience level, not the level of any of your characters). This is also how you increase your maximum stamina. So if you want to fit all of your rare party members at once, your solution is simply to grind and level up.

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Battle chains are your method of stringing attacks together to maximize damage against an enemy. Tap to target whoever you want to hit, then go for the perfect, unless you have food in one of your slots, then go for good or great because perfect will cause the food to fly all over the place instead of recovering your HP. At the end of the combo, the “Doom” attack will come up. Time this the same way for a huge max damage attack.

Pay attention to the order in which you organize your active crew members, because if you put the right combination of characters in tandem together, they will be able to use Tandem attacks. Wait for the TND slot to appear to use them. They can only be activated as part of a chain. Special attacks can be used by swiping up on the character whose special is built up; these will not use any turns, so essentially, they are free damage. Save them for a tough boss if applicable.

Getting more crew members is fairly straightforward, but know that as you go farther and farther in the single player adventure, you will also unlock new ships. New ships will have better statistical boosts for your party, and so will ships that have been upgraded using Cola. Apply Cola to your ship to boost its pre-existing statistics.

Specific characters (usually rarer characters) can be evolved once they are leveled up to the max. Concentrate on maxing out and evolving only one character at a time to make it happen more quickly. For quick levels, power them up with characters of the same type or with identical characters. Specific evolution combinations will be required, and specific element cards must be used as material cards.