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Despicable Me: Minion Rush: ALL of the gift codes/combinations, and more ways to get free tokens

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is the new endless runner from Gameloft featuring the minions, and featuring two bosses, Vector from the original movie, and Meena, who actually wasn’t even in the original movie. One of the perks of this game is that you can enter codes to get free unlockables. Read on for ways to get the gift codes, as well as more miscellaneous tips and tricks for Despicable Me: Minion Rush!

I touched on free tokens a bit in the original free bananas and tokens guide for Despicable Me: Minion Rush, but here are some more ways to do that.

The first is to complete achievements. Not missions, achievements. Go to the main menu and then go to the missions menu. Go to the tab in the upper right corner that looks like a wreath and crest to go to the achievements menu. If you haven’t been over here yet, you’ve likely earned a ton of achievements already. Claim them to load up on free tokens. Read all of the other achievements that are incomplete, to see what you have to do to complete them, and then do it.

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Log into Facebook and Game Center if you haven’t already, and you will earn 100 free tokens. In addition, finally, every day that you come back to the game you will earn free daily tokens. Come back every 24 hours to get the tokens that you’ve earned. The free tokens don’t become available until EXACTLY 24 hours after you collected the free tokens, so be sure to collect them as quickly as possible when that 24 hour period hits.

Here are all of the known gift codes that are available.
*The first is Fireman Minion + Golf Minion + Normal Minion, which gives you the Kung Fu Taunt as a prize.
*The Golf Minion + Knight Minion + Mustache Minion will earn you the Laughing Taunt. Keep in mind that the knight minion is the one with only one eye.
*Knight Minion + Fireman Minion + Hula Minion will earn you a FREE referee costume.
*Entering the Hula Minion, the Mustache Minion and the Firefighter Minion will earn you 5 Banana Perks.
*Entering the Maid Minion, the Hula Minion and the Knight Minion will earn you 5 Score Perks.

NOTE: for the Android version of the game, replace the Knight Minion with the Baby Minion.