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Dislyte: Gift Code List and Guide

Dislyte is a new cyberpunk RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Lilith Games. Dislyte follows the adventures of Brynn as she teams up with other espers such as Drew, Q, and more in an effort to find her bandmate Sieg after he was kidnapped by villains right in front of her. You can build a team of heroes, battle against enemies in the story and arena modes, earn gold, nexus crystals, gems, gold records, participate in events, and unlock new play modes.

Lilith has an added gift codes to Dislyte in order to reward loyal players with boosts, as well as give a leg up to new players. Gift codes are a little bit like cheat codes and that they can be entered into a specific text box for free rewards, but they are not a hack or cheat.

Read on for a list of gift codes, how to find more of them, and how to use them in Dislyte!

In order to use gift codes, you need to be all the way through the tutorial. Once this is done, open up Dislyte, and tap on your avatar, which is in the top left corner of the screen.

Next, tap on the tab that says “services“. At the bottom of the next menu will be a button that says “gift code“.

Tap that button and a text box will appear in the next pop-up. From here, you will be able to enter whatever code you want and redeem or exchange it for a free gift or a prize pack!

The best place to start looking for gift codes is on the official Facebook page for Dislyte. Hit the like button so if that posts pop up on your newsfeed, and go to the page so that you can look through old posts and pictures and scour them for gift codes.

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Search for Facebook groups about Dislyte, which should be fairly common considering the popularity of the game. Look for the most active ones that you can find and join them, or if they are public groups, follow them. Fans are likely to share codes that they have found in these groups.

Check other social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. These are the most popular platforms, so these are the most likely to also have codes posted. The official developer pages for Dislyte on these platforms may also have completely different codes than they have on Facebook, depending on what subscriber contests are active.

Go to the Subreddit for the game, because this is one of the most active forums for player discussion, so it stands to reason that this would be one of the most likely places to find codes. Look through all of the threads to see if any player is giving out codes or has asked for codes. Additionally, be sure to add codes of your own if you have them and don’t see them posted.

Discord is another excellent potential source for codes. There is a link to join the discord within the game itself, so follow the link and search through all of the messages once you do join. Use the search bar to only look through messages containing the word “code“ in order to make the search easier.

Twitch and YouTube are also excellent sources for Dislyte codes, because streamers and Youtubers often get codes straight from Lilith before anybody else does. This is so that they can promote their channels, while also using their channels to promote Dislyte to a brand new audience. You can be the beneficiary of this by looking through videos and streams for new gift codes.

Another excellent source is the in-game chat itself. All that you have to do is go to the chat and look for messages containing codes that have been added by any other player. Just like before, you can also share any codes that you might have come across.

As of right now, the following codes are available for Dislyte:



This is all that we have for now, but be sure to keep checking back, because as Lilith adds more codes to Dislyte, we will add them to this article! If you have codes that you don’t see here, then post them in a comment below this article, or simply check the comment section to see if anybody else has added any new codes as well.