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Dislyte: Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Dislyte is a new cyberpunk RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Lilith Games. Dislyte follows the adventures of Brynn as she teams up with other espers such as Drew, Q, and more in an effort to find her bandmate Sieg after he was kidnapped by villains right in front of her. You can build a team of heroes, battle against enemies in the story and arena modes, earn gold, nexus crystals, gems, gold records, participate in events, and unlock new play modes.

Read on for a list of tips, cheats, and strategies for Dislyte!

In battle, each of your characters has three different attacks. Long press on each of the three attacks to see what they do before you make your choice. Some will target a single enemy, while some will target multiple enemies or all of them. Still other attacks will either boost the statistics of your party, or Nerf the statistics of the enemy party.

Make sure that you are targeting enemies wisely, as well. If you see a red arrow facing down next to an enemy, then your character is weak against them. If you see a green arrow facing upward, then that means that your character has the advantage.

Be sure to check the events tab, because not only is there plenty of opportunity to earn free rewards by completing requests that are listed here, but if you complete an event in its entirety, you have a strong chance of winning rare Aspers that you wouldn’t normally be able to find anywhere else. Sometimes, the quests contain within these events can be completed simply by playing through the game normally. Other times, there are special levels, quests, or stages to play.

Start adding friends right from the get go, filling up your friends list, and trying to win as many friends as possible. You and your friends can send each other friendship points; you can collect up to 200 friendship points per day. Additionally, you can set up a helper Esper, or use the helper Esper that has been set up by your friends.

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Using one of your friends’ helper Espers is a good chance at adding someone to your battle party that is far stronger than you are. As you get further into the game, make sure that your helper Esper is extremely strong so that other players use it as a helper. You will get 20 friendship points every time.

Your characters can be upgraded quickly simply by giving them new equipment. Go to the aspera screen and look for any equipment slot with a green +. This sign means that you have a piece of new equipment available, so give it to them and watch their statistics increase.

Go to the plaza for all of your shopping needs. You will be able to make in app purchases for record packs, gold, gold packs, nexus crystals, and more. You can also spend the Nexus crystals that you already have on bonuses such as new Espers, stamina refills, admission ticket refills, and much more.