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Finger Spinner (Ketchapp) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

The quickest way to get more coins that you can use for upgrading your spinner is to go to the main menu screen while you have an internet connection. Once there, you’ll see a video offer for free coins. It’s a fairly significant number of coins, as well. Watch as many videos as you want in order to earn as many coins as you possibly can.

The video offers will increase every time that you increase the multiplier, so make the best spins that you can in order to increase the multiplier and get more out of your videos. Each time that the multiplier doubles, the video reward will actually slightly more than double.

Be careful that you don’t hit the ad at the bottom when you’re swiping if you don’t want to interrupt your flow. However, when you do hit the ad, the spinner will freeze in place, and when you go back to the game, it will keep going at the same speed that it was going when it stopped. So if you need to pause, you can hit the ad – or click out of the game screen onto another screen.

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Check back to the game if you forget about it for awhile. When you do, you will have a massive amount of coins waiting for you. Spend your coins on some upgrades (or upgrade your offline coins for even more of this effect) and then spin and watch your income and score increase!

Find the best midpoint between swiping really fast and swiping a bit slower. If you swipe too fast, then the screen won’t read your entire swipe and you will end up with a slow spin. Make sure to keep the screen of your phone or tablet clean in order to get the best swipe that you possibly can.

If you want to make the ad at the bottom go away, turn off the game and then start it back up again with Airplane Mode enabled so that there is no internet connection. The ad won’t show up; then again, neither will the video offers, so with the bad comes the good. You can also get rid of the pop-ups and the banner ad with a small in-app purchase.

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