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Fruit Ninja 2: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Fruit Ninja 2 is the long-awaited sequel to one of the oldest and most popular games in the history of the App Store and Google Play Store. The premise of the original, of course, was simply to slash fruit and avoid the bombs (and to avoid dropping fruit), but now we have multiple modes of play, PvP modes, ranks, a bit of a storyline, and more in this game.

You can also earn many different types of currencies that you can use at the store, such as gems. You can unlock all kinds of new characters to change your look, and weapons to increase your score bonuses, taunts to mess with your opponents, and more!

Read on for some tips and tricks for Fruit Ninja 2!

The very first mode that you have is the arcade mode, which differs slightly from the classic mode in that you have 60 seconds to try to score as many points as possible. Try to slash combos of 3 or more fruit in order to get a combo bonus, and slash multiple combos in a row to get the blitz bonus for even higher scores.

Classic, on the other hand, simply has you play for as long as possible. If you hit a bomb, you’re done instantly, and if you miss three fruit, you’re done.

There is no faster way to tank an arcade mode run than to hit a bomb, so avoid them even if it means you have to miss out on a combo. If you hit a bomb, fruit will stop appearing for awhile, which will destroy your attempts at high scores and combo blitzes.

Once you get power-ups, start using them as frequently as possible since they recharge. Make sure to use them at the right time, too – for example, don’t use the Great Wave when there’s a bomb on the screen, because it increases the chances of hitting it, or if you hit it while the wave is forming, it won’t launch the fruit up.

Leveling up in this game is mostly a grind, so pick your favorite game mode to play, or switch off if you just want variety. Be sure to also speed through the daily quests, as these provide significant amounts of experience as a completion reward.

Once you hit level 5, you’ll unlock the store. You can go here to watch videos for experience points once every four hours, spend gems on daily deals, and spend money on gems. Plus, you can open up free daily boxes full of upgrades, new characters, and new weapons.

After level 4, you’ll unlock league play. When you do, you’ll be able to play against other players for gold and rank. The more you win, the higher-tier the leagues you unlock, and the larger your rewards are.

Finally, at level 7, you will be able to unlock the garden. You can grow seedling here and earn rewards for doing so, such as upgrades. Not only that, but you’ll be able to complete seasonal quests that way, too.

Want to get free gems? The best way to do so is to complete the seasonal quests. These quests reset after the end of each season, and they have multiple star ranks apiece, so you can complete them over and over for gems. Go here and complete every one of them that you can in order to earn huge rewards.

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Plus, if you get the Premium Battle Pass, you will have all kinds of extra rewards to earn for leveling up the pass. Buy the premium battle pass only if you are going to make this your primary game (or close to it) so that you can load up on free gems and earn all possible rewards. You can level it all the way up to 70+ to get rare skins, blade shards, coins, gems, and more.


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