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Guide to Demon Busters for iPhone and Android: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Demon Busters, or DB for short, is a new card based role playing adventure for the iPhone, and coming in late July of 2012 for the Android (when it comes out, it will be the exact same game, and players from one platform will be able to play with players from the other platform). There is a story to the game, and it has to do with having numerous hunter cards and weapon cards, along with three types of hunters, and having to match up the right types of weapons and hunters for maximum effectiveness. But the real draw is the addicting gameplay. Read on for some tips and tricks for Demon Busters.

The fastest way to get the most Demon Harpies is simply to play as many quests as possible. The more Demon Harpies you face, the more demon points you can get, which can earn you more bonuses and more hunter cards (especially rare hunter cards, if you beat them as quickly as possible).

Whoever your strongest card is, when you are facing demon harpies, try to put together a deck of six cards that all are of the same color as your strongest card. If you get six cards of the same type all together, you will do 3x the damage for every attack, allowing you to rack up more demon points.

If you need more weapon and armor cards, especially for upgrading weapons and armor by merging cards, go and play the first round of missions over and over again (since the first round of missions only costs 1 energy each to do). This is the fastest way to load up on cards as upgrade fodder for your real weapons and armor.

Since you can restore battle points by sending off tweets about the game, if you don’t have a twitter account, simply sign up for one, don’t try to get followed by anybody, and just use it as twitter fodder for the game. If you already have a twitter account but you don’t want to use it for the game, you can delete your tweets later on.